At the World Economic Forum in Davos, UkraineInvest and the Ukrainian-Swiss Business Association signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

The objective is: 
– to establish a framework for cooperation in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein;
– to improve the investment image of Ukraine; 
– to attract large and medium-sized Swiss companies to Ukraine in sectors such as construction, transport, water supply, and energy.

The Swiss-Ukrainian Reconstruction Agency (SURA) will implement the Memorandum. 

The theme of this year’s WEF is ‘Restoring Trust’. The forum discussed key issues such as the war in Ukraine and the need to attract foreign capital to restore the Ukrainian economy.

UkraineInvest and the Ukraine-Swiss Business Association (USBA) held over 10 meetings with Swiss companies operating in Ukraine or considering doing so as part of the strategy to attract foreign companies and capital to Ukraine. Following negotiations with leading Swiss industry associations, a joint plan of activities for 2024 has been approved to inform their members about opportunities in Ukraine.

The Ukraine-Swiss Business Association is an organization of Ukrainian and Swiss companies and business experts, established with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Swiss Confederation, to promote the interests of Swiss industrial, trade, and service companies in Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian companies in Switzerland. The association has offices in Zurich, Lugano, Geneva, and Kyiv.

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