The post-war recovery of the Ukrainian economy offers prospects for the private sector

This was stated by UkraineInvest CEO during the webinar “Unlocking Investment Potential – Nordic Perspective on Navigating Ukrainian Opportunities”, organised by the East Office of Finnish Industries. 

The purpose of the webinar was to help the Scandinavian business community navigate the information on Ukraine’s investment potential. The speakers focused on providing practical information that will be useful in decision-making, strategy development and active participation in Ukraine’s recovery. 

“Before the war, Ukrainian industry needed equipment worth at least USD 5 bln a year. Coupled with the destroyed infrastructure and Ukrainian production capacity, demand has increased significantly, so this is a great opportunity for Scandinavian companies to produce equipment, come in as a financial investor, or set up a leasing company to provide equipment to industry,” said Sergiy Tsivkach.

Among other specific areas for cooperation, he mentioned
– production of building materials;
– recovery of small and medium-sized businesses;
– energy efficiency;
– waste management.

The Executive Director of UkraineInvest also spoke about the investment incentives and investment risk insurance mechanisms available in Ukraine and presented the UkraineInvest Guide, which contains all the necessary information for investors considering Ukraine as an investment destination.

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