UkraineInvest and Madoqua Renewables Holding Limited have signed a memorandum of cooperation

UkraineInvest will support the investment project of Madoqua Renewables Holding Limited to build a methanol plant in Ternopil region. The project is worth about EUR 900 mln. 

The signing of the memorandum indicates that the company is really interested in preparing an application for the project in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On State Support of Investment Projects with Significant Investments”, which provides for a number of benefits and preferences for investors. 

UkraineInvest’s support will include

– providing information, consulting, and organizational support in the process of project preparation and implementation;
– informing the investor about the specifics of investment activities and investment opportunities in Ukraine
– advising on the preparation and implementation of the project, in particular on the preparation and submission of an application and other documents required to obtain state support under the law on state support for investment projects with significant investments
facilitating effective interaction and coordination of actions between the investor and public authorities by preparing relevant requests and inquiries, as well as organizing the necessary meetings with officials
– providing support in resolving problematic issues that may arise in the course of project preparation and implementation.

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