Polish companies can act as guides for large European companies wishing to do business in Ukraine

Ukraine has already created the necessary conditions for this, and UkraineInvest, the state investment agency, is inviting businesses to cooperate.

This was stated by UkraineInvest Strategic Advisor Kostiantyn Lisnychyi in his speech at the conference “Rebuilding Ukraine: Government’s View, Opportunities and Challenges for Business” in Warsaw. The participants of the advocacy event focused on attracting foreign direct investment into the Ukrainian economy and discussed real ways of overcoming obstacles to the consolidation of Ukrainian and Polish businesses in order to effectively rebuild our country. 

Kostyantyn Lisnychyi informed international partners about the real incentives offered by the Government of Ukraine to foreign investors in accordance with the Law on State Support of Investment Projects with Significant Investments. He noted that Poland, with its strategic location, capital, expertise and mental understanding of Ukraine, can benefit the most from Ukraine’s post-war development and entry into the large European market.

The event brought together representatives of the Polish government, heads of business associations and more than 200 Polish companies already operating in Ukraine or considering opportunities to build their business in Ukraine. 

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