Ukraine is a country of opportunities, open for business

This was stated by the CEO of UkraineInvest at the Genopbygning af Ukraine conference in Copenhagen. 

Sergiy Tsivkach called on the Danish business community to increase its presence in Ukraine and take part in its reconstruction. He also presented successful investment projects already being implemented by international investors in Ukraine.

The Executive Director of UkraineInvest presented specific cases of possible cooperation in the following promising areas to Danish business:

– equipment for industry 
– energy efficiency  
– production of building materials 
– joint development of oil and gas fields 

“Danish companies can become a part of Ukraine’s reconstruction. The post-war recovery of the Ukrainian economy presents great opportunities for the private sector. The reconstruction offers a unique opportunity to modernise Ukraine’s production potential and attract foreign capital and modern technology. This will lay the foundation for long-term growth and facilitate Ukraine’s integration into the global economy,” said Sergiy Tsivkach.

Denmark currently ranks 18th among 88 countries investing in Ukraine in terms of investment. 

Genopbygning af Ukraine is aimed at businesses that are considering an active contribution to Ukraine’s recovery. During the event, a number of Danish companies already operating in Ukraine shared their experience and case studies.

The Ukrainian business delegation was represented by 20 companies. Among them were Astarta-Kyiv, Agrofusion, Egritech and others.  

The UkraineInvest team would like to thank the Ambassador of Ukraine to Denmark Mykhailo Vydoinyk, the Ambassador of Denmark to Ukraine Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine and The Confederation of Danish Industry for their cooperation and support in attracting investment.

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