UkraineInvest invites Czech companies to actively invest in Ukraine

UkraineInvest invites Czech companies to actively invest in Ukraine

The post-war recovery of the Ukrainian economy is a great opportunity for business – reconstruction offers a unique chance to attract foreign capital and advanced technologies. This will lay the foundation for long-term growth and facilitate Ukraine’s integration into the global economy. 

This was stated by the Head of International Relations and Communications at UkraineInvest during the Ukrainian-Czech Business Forum.

“In the third quarter of 2023, Ukraine received USD 4.09 billion in foreign direct investment, which underscores the country’s economic stability and investment potential despite existing challenges. UkraineInvest, the State Agency for Investment Promotion and Support helps foreign investors to develop and implement investment projects in Ukraine. We are ensuring that Ukraine’s reconstruction is based in particular on attracting private investment. UkraineInvest is currently supporting 43 investment projects worth over USD 2.7 billion and provides ongoing support to Ukrainian and foreign companies operating in Ukraine. I invite Czech companies to actively invest in Ukraine,” said Nazarii Volianskyi.

He also urged the Forum participants to contact UkraineInvest for  comprehensive support, including 

  • reliable and up-to-date information; 
  • advice on doing business in Ukraine; 
  • identification of optimal investment opportunities;
  • facilitating communication between investors and government agencies at all levels;
  • assistance in solving systemic problems that investors may face.

The main objective of the Forum is to promote bilateral investment and trade cooperation between Ukraine and the Czech Republic. As part of the Czech government delegation, dozens of business representatives and business associations arrived in Kyiv to discuss opportunities and formats of cooperation with Ukrainian entrepreneurs during the Forum and B2B negotiations. The participants discussed the prospects and priority areas of Ukrainian-Czech economic cooperation, the conditions for doing business in Ukraine and the Czech Republic, and other relevant issues. 

The event was initiated by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) within the framework of the project “Support to the Private Sector and Resilience in Ukraine” with financial support from the Government of the Czech Republic.

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