International partners continue to provide a strong financial assistance to Ukraine

International partners continue to provide a strong financial assistance to Ukraine

From June 27 to June 30, Ukraine received an additional $2.2 billion from Japan, USA and UK. The funds will be directed to the state budget to finance priority social and humanitarian expenditures, health care, as well as to ensure the remuneration of employees of state bodies and budgetary institutions in the field of education at the national and regional levels.

Ukraine received an additional JPY 65 billion (about USD 500 million) concessional loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency under a loan agreement for development policy in the field of emergency economic recovery. The loan is provided on concessional terms: repayment period – 30 years; interest rate – 1% per annum.

A grant from the United States of $1.3 billion was provided through the World Bank’s Multiple Donor Trust Fund under the additional funding from the Public Expenditure Support for Sustainable Governance in Ukraine Project between Ukraine and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA).

Ukraine also received a loan as part of the World Bank Project Supporting public expenditures to ensure sustainable public administration in Ukraine. The total amount is EUR 446.8 million. As part of this financing, the UK guarantee is EUR 424.6 million.

The support of the international partners accelerates Ukraine’s victory. During the war, it is important for Ukraine to receive these funds in a quick manner to assistance the country on all fronts, as well as to preserve the potential, effectiveness and stability of state administration.

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