The German business community is committed to cooperation – not a single investor has withdrawn their business from Ukraine since the start of the full-scale invasion

This was discussed at a roundtable organised by the German Embassy in Ukraine. The event brought together about 20 representatives of German business, experts and government officials. The participants discussed opportunities for production and investment, as well as the experience of German companies.

The CEO of UkraineInvest called on businesses to increase their presence and invest in Ukraine to take part in its reconstruction. Sergiy Tsivkach presented successful investment projects already being implemented by international investors and specific cases of possible cooperation.

“Our state is open to cooperation with all investors, and UkraineInvest guarantees support and assistance to entrepreneurs wishing to do business in Ukraine. During 2022, we were able to attract more than USD 500 mln of investment in industrial projects. They will lead to the production of high value-added products in Ukraine and the creation of thousands of jobs. Germany is the engine of the European economy. The German government’s system of guarantees to reduce risks for German companies seeking to invest in Ukraine is working, and UkraineInvest now has projects from large industrial German companies worth tens of millions of US dollars approved by the system, which are in the final stages of implementation. I am grateful to all the companies doing business in Ukraine today,” said Sergiy Tsivkach.

UkraineInvest CEO also stressed that international investments have no place in russia, as no private business can trust a country that has invaded its neighbour for no reason, as its assets may eventually be unreasonably arrested and nationalised. 

The purpose of the roundtable was to deepen interaction and cooperation between Ukraine and Germany and to build a dialogue on the participation of German investors in the reconstruction of Ukraine. 

The companies participating in the event represented, in particular, the following sectors: 

– renewable energy;
– high-tech innovations; 
– risk control consulting;
– explosive ordnance disposal;
– construction and architecture; 
– waste management;
– hydraulic systems;
– wallpaper production.

The main German investors in wartime are Kreisel Fixit and Bayer AG.
The German Commission for the Insurance of Investments Abroad (Der Interministerielle Ausschuss), where German companies can apply for insurance of their business against risks and force majeure related to the war, has received 50 project applications from various German companies to invest in Ukraine. The first positive results are expected this year.

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