Ukraine needs a complete investment landscape

Ukraine needs a complete investment landscape

– improvement of legislative regulation of investment 
– special investment regimes
– risk insurance
– GR tools for investor protection

These were the key topics discussed by the participants of the II Business & Legal Infrastructure Forum.

UkraineInvest was represented at the event by Stefan Khrystenko, Head of Legal Affairs and Regulatory Policy Department. He described the list of services that UkraineInvest team offers to investors, tools for support of investors provided by Ukraine, requirements for obtaining state support for projects with more than EUR 20 mln investments, as well as peculiarities of the creation of industrial parks. Stefan has described peculiarities of main investment incentives that are already available for investors in Ukraine.  

This includes, in particular:
– exemption from corporate income tax for 10 years;
– exemption from land tax / lower tax rate or land rent;
– exemption from VAT and import duties for importing of new equipment and its components; exemption from real estate tax for industrial buildings;
– full or partial compensation of the interest rate on loans for the – development and conduct of business activities;
– provision of funds on a non-refundable basis for the development of parks and construction of related infrastructure facilities;
– compensation of costs for connection to engineering and transport networks etc.

The II Business & Legal Infrastructure Forum is a platform for discussing urgent issues of restoration, financing, and implementation of projects in the post-war reality.

The event is organised by the Yurydychna Praktyka newspaper.

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