Starlink Satellite Internet Stations from Tesla Inc. arrived in Ukraine

Starlink Satellite Internet Stations from Tesla Inc. arrived in Ukraine

“The first batch of Starlink satellite Internet stations has arrived in Ukraine! Thanks to Elon Musk and all the partners of a free Ukraine! We continue the fight on all fronts!” Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said.

Starlink is a satellite internet service that promises to offer broadband speeds by using low-Earth satellites that can transmit signals faster than conventional #satellite #internet. It uses “terminals,” which are basically small satellite dishes, to receive the signal. The appeal in a warzone is obvious, as the signal cannot be easily cut off or intercepted by an invading force. 

Musk said on Saturday that Starlink is available in Ukraine and SpaceX is sending more terminals to the country, whose internet has been disrupted due to the Russian invasion.

#StopRussianAggression #StopPutin

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