Andrii Dligach, founder and CEO of Advanter Group, founder of the International Business Community Board, chairman of the Board of the Coalition of Business Comminities for the Modernization of Ukraine, will speak at the FIT for Ukraine: Annual Meeting

The Coalition of Business Communities for the Modernization of Ukraine is a union of leading business associations to promote, advocate and implement the agreed principles of post-war economic policy, including economic recovery and modernization of Ukraine. Currently, 83 leading business associations are members of the Coalition, including business associations, NGOs, business clubs, professional associations, clusters, and expert associations. On June 7, 2023, a large Forum of the Coalition of Business Communities for the Modernization of Ukraine was held in Kyiv.

Based on its results, the principles of forming the state economic policy of Ukraine were developed, including

– total modernization of infrastructure after the war, not just the restoration of destroyed outdated infrastructure
– elimination of infrastructure monopoly: free and fast connection to electricity and gas networks when investing in new production
– creating conditions for fair competition and business cooperation, attracting investment

FIT for Ukraine: Annual Meeting will take place on November 15 in Warsaw, Poland. 

The forum will bring together government and business representatives to discuss Ukraine’s investment achievements in 2023 and outline plans for the coming year. The event is organized within the framework of the largest international exhibition on the reconstruction of Ukraine ReBuild Ukraine. 

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The Forum on Investments and Transformation for Ukraine is a series of investment forums for businesses interested in rebuilding Ukraine. In 2023, more than 7,000 people from 65 countries attended FIT for Ukraine events.

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