Trade logistics in 2022

Trade logistics in 2022

Totally 99.8 million tons of goods were exported and over 30.34 million tons of goods were imported in 2022.

The value of exports was almost $44.2 billion, while imports amounted to more than $54.5 billion.

– In total, over 30 million tons of imported goods were delivered to Ukraine last year, almost 11 million tons were delivered by trucks.
– Imports volume increased most rapidly from March to May. During this time, the industry managed to return to the volume of international road freight transportation, that Ukraine had before the full-scale Russian invasion.
– The volume of imported goods, that were brought into the country by road transport, increased steadily and gradually from May to the last day of the year.
– Rail transport (9.89 million tons) is the second largest importer, and maritime transport (7.16 million tons) is the third largest.

The leading goods export in the last year was sea transport – 53.86 million tons.

Rail transport took second place (33.73 million tons)., and on the third place was road transport (12 million tons).

The key factors for the normalization of the trade logistics in 2022 were:
– The concluded “Grain Initiative” with the UN and Turkey, which allowed the unblocking of the Odessa`s ports;
– The signed Agreement on the liberalization of road freight transport with the EU;
– The development of the border infrastructure, in particular increasing the capacity of existing road and railway checkpoints, as well as opening of new ones;
– Increasing cargo handling at the ports of the Danube port cluster.

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