The demand for electric vehicles in Ukraine is growing rapidly – today the fleet includes about 80,000 electric cars

This was stated by Maryna Kytina, Chief Advisor to the Executive Director of the Ukraine Invest, in her speech at the Third International Scientific and Practical Conference “Prospects for the Development of Road Transport and Infrastructure”.

Maryna Kytina prepared an analysis of the prospects for the development of electric transport and infrastructure, showing the dynamics of changes during the first decade of electric mobility in Ukraine.

“This industry is developing day by day, following the requirements of the European Union to reduce CO2 emissions, taking care of the climate and the future of our planet. According to environmentalists, about 40% of emissions in Ukraine come from cars, and in large cities this figure reaches 80%. A gradual reduction in the number of cars with internal combustion engines will significantly reduce emissions. In addition, there are benefits for the drivers themselves – an electric car pays for itself and does not require as much maintenance as a petrol car,” said Marina Kitina.

 Conference participants also discussed
   – Pan-European principles and priorities for regulating fuel consumption, greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions
   – Technologies and innovations, energy, energy efficiency, environmental protection (including climate change), safety, economics related to the production, operation, disposal and life cycle of vehicles and infrastructure in general.
– Digital transformation, electronic and communication equipment for transport and infrastructure. Information and Communication Technologies. Intelligent Transport Systems 
– The course covers the economics of road transport, logistics, supply chains, complex transport problems, international integration, European and national transport policies, international road transport – development prospects, problems and solutions, and many other important issues.

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