Meet our team: Iryna Panchenko

Iryna Panchenko is the Head of the Administrative Service.

Iryna is responsible for administrative, logistical and documentary support.  

At UkraineInvest, Iryna and her team are responsible for

– organization of work processes;
– coordination of work with departments;
– control over the implementation of regulations, orders, instructions,
appeals, requests for access to public information;
– meeting the needs for office equipment;
– preparation of business trips;
– documentation management;
– organization of staff meetings; 
– personnel management;
– implementation of measures on labor protection and fire safety;
– development of draft orders and other internal regulatory and legal acts within the scope of competence.

Iryna has a degree in organization management (customs manager).
Before joining the UkraineInvest team, she spent more than 10 years working at the Kyiv Customs.

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