After the victory, Ukraine will become the largest construction site of the century, so investors should start projects today

This was stated by the CEO of UkraineInvest during the Architectural and Construction Business Forum “Rebuilding Ukraine. Modernisation and Transformation”. 

“The goal of UkraineInvest is to develop Ukrainian business to attract foreign investors to the Ukrainian economy. It is important for investors to see that entrepreneurs feel comfortable here. The post-war recovery of the Ukrainian economy presents great opportunities for the private sector. The reconstruction offers a unique opportunity to modernise Ukraine’s production potential and attract foreign capital and modern technologies. This will create the basis for long-term growth and facilitate Ukraine’s integration into the global economy,” said Sergiy Tsivkach.

The CEO of UkraineInvest told the participants about the development of legislative proposals by the institution’s team, in particular, on bylaws and the law on “investment nannies”. This is a legislative initiative to improve the law on state support for investment projects, lower investment thresholds, and expand the sectors of the economy in which businesses can benefit from state support.

He also noted that private investment enters a country when it has maximum confidence in the return on its investment and urged participants to contact UkraineInvest and submit investment projects for insurance to the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). UkraineInvest has already submitted 11 projects worth USD 1.1 bln to the U.S. DFC, and they are currently under consideration by the Corporation.

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