The EU includes Ukrainian logistics routes in the Trans-European transport network

The EU includes Ukrainian logistics routes in the Trans-European transport network

This decision is a strategic step in the process of Ukraine’s integration into the EU and will contribute to the implementation of the “Solidarity Lanes” initiative regarding the export of Ukrainian agricultural products and the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. According to the Indicative Investment Plan of the European Commission for the development of TEN-T corridors (2019), by 2030 it is planned to implement projects in Ukraine for a total amount of 4.45 billion euros. 

The inclusion of Ukrainian logistics routes in the TEN-T network will allow:
•        to eliminate existing obstacles in carrying out logistics operations;
•        to attract European investments for the modernization of transport infrastructure;
•        to gain access to EU assistance tools in the development of the Ukrainian part of the TEN-T network;
•        to develop multimodal transportation;
•        to reduce logistics costs;
•        to improve the quality of services during the transportation of goods.

In particular, the following amendments have been made:
•        The North-Baltic Corridor was extended through Lviv and Kyiv to Mariupol;
•        Baltic Sea –Black Sea – Aegean Sea Corridor extended through Lviv, Chernivtsi (Romania and Moldova) to Odesa
•        The corridors Baltic Sea – Adriatic Sea and Rhine – Danube will pass through Lviv.
Dnipro river was also included in the TEN-T network.

Expected outcomes:
•        The proposed measures will improve connectivity of Ukraine with the EU notably for freight transport..
•        The deployment, where applicable, of European standard nominal track gauge lines between Ukraine/Moldova and the EU is essential to improve rail interoperability.  This will increase efficiency of rail, notably by reducing the waiting time at border crossing points.
•        The potential of the Danube river for the exports and imports of goods between Ukraine and the EU is expected to increase 
•        The development of transport connections in Ukraine and the modernisation and reconstruction of transport infrastructure will need very substantial investments. This would require an increase of the EU budget dedicated to the realisation of the TEN-T network.

The EU develops the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) with the aim of connecting Europe from west to east and from north to south with a network of roads, railways, airports and waterways. The development of the transport system will take place in two stages: the construction of the “key” network should be completed by 2030, and the “general” network by 2050. Ukraine joined TEN-T in 2017.

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