Ukrainian and foreign companies willing to invest more than EUR 12 mln will receive tax exemptions, regulatory incentives and project implementation support

The Government of Ukraine amended resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
– “On Approval of Requirements for the Feasibility Study of an Investment Project with Significant Investments; 
 – “On Approval of Requirements for the Financial Capacity of the Applicant for Implementation of an Investment Project with Significant Investments”.

Thus, a number of provisions have been simplified, in particular:
– amendments were made to the rules that determine how a feasibility study for an investment project with significant investments should be prepared;
– economic analysis in project evaluation, including cost-benefit analysis, has been excluded; 
– the social indicators of the project and the assessment of the social effect of its implementation have been revised;
– requirements for the applicant have been reduced (compliance with at least one of the criteria, but not all criteria); 
– the minimum rating requirement for resident banks has been removed, considering the current economic situation in Ukraine.

The aim is to attract more investments, create new jobs and strengthen communities and the economy.

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