A new biofuel production project is being launched in Chernihiv region

A new biofuel production project is being launched in Chernihiv region

Regional Gas Company (RGK) and Gals Agro agricultural holding signed the contract to connect the biomethane plant in Chernihiv region to gas distribution networks. The first physical connection of biomethane plant capacities to gas distribution networks in Ukraine is expected in the beginning of the next year.

Horodishche-Pustovarivska Agrarian Company LLC, a member of Gals Agro agricultural holding, is the owner of a biogas plant located in Prylutskyy district of Chernihiv region. In 2021, a decision was made to equip the plant with a production site for biogas purification to biomethane, which is a complete analogue of natural gas. 

The installed capacity of purification equipment is approximately 3 million cubic meters per year. It is equal to the consumption of approximately 1,500 private households. The biogas-to-biomethane upgrade technology is from well-known Dutch company Bright Renewables B.V., with experience of more than 150 successful projects across the world.

Currently, RGC experts together with Gals Agro agricultural holding and JSC Chernihivgas, scientific and expert institutions are developing technical solutions to connect the production facilities to gas distribution networks using the most advanced equipment by leading manufacturers such as Pietro Fiorentini and Emerson.

At the moment, the biogas produced at the plant is used only to generate electricity to be sold at the “green” tariff. In the future, part of the biogas will be purified into biomethane and pumped into the gas distribution networks in Chernihiv region. They are the most extensive networks and have a system operating pressure comparable to that of a biomethane module, which does not require the installation of additional equipment.

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