This is a weekly digest of news about investment and business development in Ukraine from the UkraineInvest team

The European Council has endorsed EUR 50 bln in financing for Ukraine, paving the way for further approval of the Ukraine facility.
Ukraine expects to receive the first tranche of EUR 4.5 bln of the EUR 50 bln EU assistance in March. The government of Ukraine is now working on an interim financing agreement with its European partners.  

Ukraine has received USD 390 mln from Japan as part of the World Bank’s INSPIRE and ARISE projects.
The funds will be used to reimburse the state budget for priority needs, particularly in the areas of reconstruction and social assistance. 

Turkish business is investing in Ukraine without waiting for the war to end – the Trendyol Group marketplace is preparing to enter the Ukrainian market.
Such cooperation should be mutually beneficial for both the Turkish analogue of Amazon, which will be able to sell goods in Ukraine, and Ukrainian manufacturers, who will be able to take advantage of the popular marketplace and sell their goods for export to other countries.  

More than UAH 40 bln has been allocated to support Ukrainian business in 2024.
The steps taken by the government to support small and medium-sized enterprises are clearly reflected in the support programmes and other projects of the Ministry of Economy, such as “5-7-9” affordable loans, the eRobota grant programme, production development, stimulation of the construction industry through the eHouse programme, attracting investment to the real sector, support for non-resource exports, ship insurance, port demining, and others. 

Hyundai has sold two plants in russia, finally exiting the aggressor country’s market.
The amount of the sale has not been officially disclosed. According to the South Korean media, Hyundai Motor’s management sold the plant to the russians for a symbolic sum of about 10,000 roubles. 
A Ukrainian-Turkish reconstruction group has been set up in Istanbul.
A joint Ukrainian-Turkish Reconstruction Task Force was established at the Istanbul Forum on Ukraine’s Recovery, which will focus on implementing projects in the areas of road infrastructure, water transport and aviation. 

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