Ukraine is rich in promising assets of interest to foreign investors. They can be sold not only through public-private partnership projects, but also through privatisation

This was stated by the head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine during his speech at the Investors Annual Meeting, an investment forum organised by UkraineInvest in partnership with the Ukrainian CCI and supported by OKKO and Onur Group.

Vitaliy Koval spoke about attracting foreign direct investment through privatisation.
“At present, the State Property Fund has 1.5 million properties. Our main goal is to make the privatisation process fast and inevitable. The Fund is ready to cooperate with foreign investors, as successful privatisation cases will draw attention to the Ukrainian economy. In the near future we plan to put on the market large privatisation objects with a starting price of UAH 250 million and more” Vitaliy Koval said.

He underlined the importance of business involvement and stressed that entrepreneurs can initiate privatisation processes.

The purpose of the event was to improve the dialogue between business and government, organise analytical discussions on the implementation of industrial investment projects, present a report on the prospects and mechanisms for creating new investment funds, and award investors who have started and are implementing projects after 24 February 2022.

Participants discussed the needs of business and the state in terms of industrial, energy-efficient equipment and materials, economic transformation and factors of investment attractiveness of Ukraine.

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