Key facts and figures about Ukraine

Ukraine: key facts and figures

The largest country within Europe — the area of Ukraine is 603,500 square kilometers.

Located at the crossroads of major transportation routes 

Developed market economy — Ukraine enjoys a competitive agriculture industry, energy, metallurgy, chemicals and manufacturing industries, a high-tech industrial base, and a fast developing IT and high-tech sector.

A part of the global value chain — Ukraine currently has 20 free trade agreements with 47 countries. These free trade agreements include the game-changing free trade aspect of Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the European Union, signed in 2014.

Brains & Grains Ukraine’s educated workforce is highly respected around the world. Ukraine is home to global firms that began as successful startups, including Grammarly, Depositphotos, MacPaw, Petcube. Oracle, Ring, Siemens, Cisco, Samsung have established major R&D facilities in Ukraine.

Foreign trade

Macro-financial situation

Foreign Direct Investment