About 200 companies with foreign capital from 28 countries operate in the Chernivtsi region

About 200 companies with foreign capital from 28 countries operate in the Chernivtsi region

Bukovyna ranks first in Ukraine in terms of fruit and berry production and yields. 

The FIT for Ukraine Bukovyna Industry Forum brought together some 500 large and medium-sized enterprises, government representatives, investors, financial institutions and retail chain managers: Fruit and Vegetable Processing in Chernivtsi.

The third panel of the event focused on success stories and financial

and financing instruments for the processing industry.

Key messages from the speakers

  • “The agricultural sector is critical to Ukraine’s economic recovery and increasing its export potential. That is why USAID’s Invest for Business Resilience project is providing strong financial support to agribusinesses through grant programmes”, – Yulia Vitka, Acting Chief of Party, USAID Investment for Business Resilience Activity 
  • “Today our orchard covers 66 hectares, has 3 varieties of apples, a modern fruit storage facility, a state-of-the-art grading line and exports to 12 countries. Thanks to a government grant of UAH 7.3 million, we were able to pay 67% of the total cost of seedlings for the new orchard and compensate 10% of the total cost”, – Vitaliy Nihalatiy, Director of the Youth Agrarian Union LLC
  • “Within the framework of the State Programme of Grants for Starting and Developing Businesses, Oschadbank provides grants for starting and developing horticulture, berry growing, viticulture and greenhouse construction. Grants for a garden are provided up to 70% of the cost of the planting project, but not more than UAH 10,000,000, and for a greenhouse – not more than UAH 7 million”, – Denys Samchuk, Deputy Director to the MSME Department, Oschadbank
  • “The Export Credit Agency insures an investment made by a domestic or foreign investor, and the insured event is the loss of such an investment. The agency helps exporters fulfil contracts, obtain financing and mitigate risks. He stressed that ECA insurance allows exporters to obtain a bank guarantee, which is often required by foreign partners in times of war”, – Denys Garasiuta, Chairman of the Board Member, Export Credit Agency
  • “The World Bank is implementing the Emergency Project for Comprehensive Support for the Recovery of Agriculture in Ukraine (ARISE), which includes concessional lending to agriculture under the State Programme “Affordable Loans 5-7-9%” with an allocated budget of USD 500 million and coverage of 12,000 agricultural producers”, – Oleksandr Muliar, Senior Agriculture Specialist, World Bank
  • “Credit Agricole actively supports the development of agriculture in Ukraine. One of our activities is to work with the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine to obtain state subsidies for farmers. The Bank participates in all state compensation programmes for the agricultural sector”, – Yulia Kotsar, Head of Agribusiness Support and Development Department of Credit Agricole Bank
  • “We are the only company in Poland offering export insurance guaranteed by the State Treasury. We cooperate with foreign export credit agencies on an individual basis and within the framework of the Berne Union. We also facilitate access to external financing through our KUKE Financo factoring offer. Product range: Short-term insurance of trade receivables, insurance guarantees, insurance of foreign investments, etc”, – Grala Grzegorz, Manager of the Product Development Department, KUKE
  • “Bayer has been present in Ukraine since 1992 and we are still active here today. In April this year, we announced a EUR 60 million investment in seed production. We plan to meet demand in Ukraine and further increase exports to the EU. If Bayer can invest in Ukraine at such a difficult time, so can others”, – Oliver Gierlichs, Managing Director & CFO, Bayer Ukraine                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The panel was moderated by Nazarii Voliyanskyi, Head of International Relations and Communications at UkraineInvest.

The aim of the forum was to create an information and presentation platform for agribusinesses, highlighting the prospects for investment in the region’s industry, increasing its competitiveness and export potential for the rapid recovery and development of the Ukrainian economy. 

The event also included an EXPO zone where regional companies presented their products and services. 


  • UkraineInvest – the Government Agency for Investment Promotion and Support
  • Chernivtsi Regional Military Administration
  • USAID Investing for Business Resilience Project

FIT for Ukraine is a series of investment forums for businesses interested in Ukraine’s reconstruction. In 2023, more than 7,000 people from 65 countries participated in FIT for Ukraine events.

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