Ukraine is open to American investors and ready to offer favourable investment conditions

Ukraine is open to American investors and ready to offer favourable investment conditions

Ukraine’s economic transformation is only possible by attracting foreign direct investment. American business can make a significant contribution to the post-war recovery of our country. 

This was discussed during a meeting between UkraineInvest’s management and Dan Rice, Strategic Advisor to the institution on a pro bono basis, President of the American University of Kyiv.

The parties discussed

  • ways of attracting foreign direct investment to Ukraine and organising meetings with potential American investors
  • solving the problems of entrepreneurs
  • tools and opportunities for American companies that have already shown an active interest in reconstruction 
  • cooperation with the US International Development Finance Corporation  (DFC)
  • cooperating in the dissemination of information about UkraineInvest opportunities to the American investment community
  • organising and holding UkraineInvest events in partnership with and at the American University of Kyiv

“UkraineInvest is working to make it easier for investors to do business in Ukraine. As an institution authorised by the Government of Ukraine, UkraineInvest provides comprehensive support to investors in attracting foreign direct investment to Ukraine and helps international companies make decisions about investing in Ukraine,” said Oleksandr Melnychenko, Acting Executive Director of UkraineInvest.  

“The cooperation of Ukrainian companies and banks with theUS International Development Finance Corporation  (DFC) increases the resilience of the Ukrainian economy and sends a strong signal to investors from around the world that there is no need to fear investing in Ukraine, even in times of war. In the coming years, hundreds of billions of dollars of private capital will flow into Ukraine. This will be a combination of public funds from democratic countries and a huge amount of foreign direct investment,” said Dan Rice.

“We want companies to see that Ukraine is a profitable business case and to contact UkraineInvest to explore opportunities. We invite American investors to work with us! We are actively working with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the President’s Office and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to improve the investment climate,” said Nazarii Voliyanskyi, Head of International Relations and Communications at UkraineInvest.

Dan Rice is a seasoned entrepreneur, fundraiser and former US Army officer with extensive experience in leadership, strategic management, marketing and education. He has many years of leadership experience as President and co-founder of Thayer Leadership at West Point, a leadership development company with a wide range of corporate clients that is ranked among the top 40 leadership development companies in the world. He joined UkraineInvest in January this year as a pro bono strategic advisor.

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