FIT for Ukraine: Italy

FIT for Ukraine: Italy

On June 26, UkraineInvest, the government investment promotion office, will hold the offline event FIT for Ukraine: Italy.

FIT for Ukraine – platform promoting investments opportunities for economic transformation of Ukraine.

We invite manufacturing companies to join “FIT for Ukraine: Italy” in Rome! \

On 26 June, UkraineInvest and Confindustria are organising an offline forum dedicated to investment opportunities in Ukraine.

The event will take place at Confindustria’s headquarters to present investment projects in the manufacturing sector and opportunities for cooperation between Italian and Ukrainian companies.

The purpose of the forum is to:
– support companies interested in investing in the Ukrainian economy
– provide them with information on the specifics of implementing investment projects in Ukraine
– Assistance in finding local partners
– familiarisation with the legal and regulatory framework governing investment activity in Ukraine

Priority sectors include consumer goods, agri-food, construction materials and logistics.

About the organisers:
Confindustria is the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy.
UkraineInvest is the government office for investment promotion and support.

To participate offline, please fill out the form: