CEO Night: The Power of Tech Companies in Emerging Markets

CEO Night: The Power of Tech Companies in Emerging Markets

To unlock further potential for disruption of business strategies, three CEOs of international tech companies meet at the “CEO Night” online event powered by Innovecs, a global software development company. The new world order gives opportunities to benefit from vanished borders, especially for those in tech.

Due to global lockdown, your company location matters no more. Cooperating with partners from emerging economy countries could be one of the options to react and respond to the current challenges.
Oleksandr Konotopskyi (Ajax, smart security systems), Dmitri Lisitski (Influ2, account-based marketing service), and Alex Lutskiy (Innovecs, software development) will discuss:

– How can tech companies grow in the post-quarantine period?
– Upgrade the business models to be agile and global
– What are the new opportunities, and how to seize them?
– Tips and tricks on finding new partners in emerging markets (by the case of Ukraine).

Like others, tech companies experience turbulence responding to unfolding events. Still, now it’s time to distill lessons and navigate the way into the future. Join InnoHub’s “CEO Night” to extract opportunities and shifts in the emerging markets that three mature CEOs have experienced so far.


AjaxOleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO and Co-founder

InnovecsAlex Lutskiy, Co-Founder and CEO

Influ2Dmitri Lisitski, Co-Founder and CEO


Olga Afanasyeva — CEO of the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA)

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